Tankwagon Delivery Services

- Cameron Co-op offers a complete line of petroleum equipment for agriculture and commercial businesses.

Unleaded Gasoline
Unleaded 10% Ethanol Blend
Roadmaster XL Clear Diesel
Ruby Fieldmaster Dyed Diesel
ULSD15 #1 Clear & Dyed
ULSD15 #2 Clear & Dyed

-200 gallon minimum delivery
-200-2500 gallon is $0.07 discount
-2500-4500 gallon is $0.14 discount

Ruby Fieldmaster Dyed Diesel can also be picked up at the Co-op during hours of operation with a $0.05 discount.

-Fuel tank leasing available on 500 & 1000 gallon tanks with electric pumps.  We offer a three year monthly lease to own program.

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